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ASSB Healthcare Solutions

Urine Analyzer

URIT 1680 Fully Automated AI Chemistry & Sediment Urinalysis Analyzer


Compact, all in one design 

  • 300 T/H for chemistry analysis
  • 120 T/H for sediment analysis
  • 120 T/H for both chemistry and sediment analysis

20 auto-recognition parameters, RBC,WBC,WBCC,SQEP,NSE,HYA,PAT,CAOX,URIC,YST,MUSC,SPRM,UNCX,STRUVITE,G1,COINS,GHOST,COCCI,BACILLUS,AMORPHOUS, (more automatic classification parameters soon)

Real strip image display

ACR helps to screen early kidney disease

SG,turbidity and color from physical module