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ASSB Healthcare Solutions

URIT UC-32B Urine Meter

A handheld urine meter with rechargeable battery that can measure up to 14 parameters. Comes with 4 wavelength LED colorimetry detection for more accurate results.

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URIT 560 Semi Automated Urinalysis Analyzer

Urine analyzer, excellent quality with an affordable price that can measure up to 14 parameters including ACR. Comes with CIS detector for faster and accurate results.

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URIT 1680 Fully Automated AI Chemistry & Sediment Urinalysis Analyzer

World first AI-Libre Urinalysis Analyzer complete with both chemistry and sediment analysis at an affordable price. Comes with 20 auto-recognition parameters including ACR. 

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US 2000 Total Lab Automation Urinalysis Analyzer

Customizable, world first AI Modular urinalysis workflow comes with 40X high resolution lens and 5 CIS signal scanning to enhance accuracy. 

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