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Blood Collection Tubes

IMPROVE Blood Collection Tubes


Improve brings in selection of clinical tubes that customer can choose from. We are offering convenient and quality buying to enhance customer buying experiences. Customers dont have to worry as tubes are well-certified, adhering to world health guideline and most importantly set at an afordable price. 



IMPROVACUTER® Gel & EDTA.K2 Tubes : used for viral load determination or molecular diagnostic test methods .

IMPROVACUTER® ESR Tubes : used for Westergren sedimentation rate determination.

IMPROVACUTER® Gel & Lithium Heparin Tubes : used for plasma determinations in chemistry.

IMPROVACUTER® EDTA Tubes : used for whole blood hematology determination.

IMPROVACUTER® GLUCOSE Tubes : used for glucose determination.

IMPROVACUTER® Clot Activator Tubes : premium serum for determination in chemistry and serology.

IMPROVACUTER® Heparin Tubes offer plasma for plasma determinations in chemistry.

IMPROVACUTER® Citrate Tubes (9NC 0.109M)/(9NC 0.129M) : used for coagulation studies.

IMPROVACUTER® No Additive Tubes : used for determinations in chemistry, immunology and serology.