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Users Training Xprecia PT/INR by Our Application Specialist, Mrs. Zaifah

Date : Jul 24, 2020Tag : Users Training


On 24 July, ASSB conducted a user training session on Xprecia Coagulation Analyzer at KK Pandamaran. This training is intentionally orchestrated as a way to cross-check users' understanding of the product alongside to inform them on the current updates about the product. This training was given by ASSB Application Specialist, Puan Zaifah and was assisted by ASSB Technical Coordinator, Miss Habibah. This event was successful as healthcare staff from OPD department such as Clinical Hematologist Specialist from HTAR , Dr. Zainurah , Hematologist (OPD Department) ,Dr. Tan , Family Medicine Specialist , Dr. Zil , pharmacist, medical lab technology and nurses were seen attending the session and excelled competency test.  All in all, we are proud to claim that our support system is among the best in Malaysia's medical and laboratory equipment industry.