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Product Demo SINO SN-600N (R) Pump by Our Technical Coordinator, Ms. Habibah

Date : Sep 22, 2020Tag : Users Training


On 22 September, ASSB organized a product demo session on SINO SN-600N(R) at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. This event is intentionally orchestrated as a way to introduce nurses to the new feeding pump system that will replace the old system in the ICU department.The demo was done by ASSB Technical Specialist, Miss Habibah and was assisted by ASSB Product Specialist, MRs Norhanim. Overall, this event was considered successful as all nurses and sisters from the ICU department are extremely satisfied with our pump. Indeed, they are looking forward for the pump installation to happen (somewhere around Jan-July next year). According to them, our pump is convenient, of exquisite design and most importantly, user-friendly.