Managing Director

Mohamed Othman Ahmad is managing director of Anugerah Saintifik Sdn Bhd. He served as company's managing director from 1st July 1999. A working managing director with master's degree in business management, Mohamed Othman has 25 years experiences dealing with laboratory and point of care products. His specility is in laboratory and medical equipment supply. He has excellent track record in blood gas industry. He also has vast connection and networking with MOH and MOE.




General Manager

Raazmura Mohd Yusof is General Manager of Anugerah Saintifik Sdn Bhd. She served as the company’s General Manager from 1st July 1999. A General Manager with Bachelor's Degree in Business Management (honour) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,  Raazmura was responsible for a promotion, implementation and regulation of Anugerah Saintifik Sdn Bhd's activities. She has 18 years experiences in financial, management and corporate industry emphasis on financing and accountiing.







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